First car goes to Peder Fredricson and H&M All In - Sweden International Horse Show

First car goes to Peder Fredricson and H&M All In


Stephanie Holmén (SWE) and 11-year-old Flip’s Little Sparrow sat the pace straight away for the riders in the international jumping Volkswagen Cup over 1.50 m on Saturday evening in Stockholm. As start number three with a clear and really fast round, the rest of the field had to really go for it.

The course built by Peter Lundström (SWE) challenged the riders with a lot of choices, and as a real speeding class; you had to take the short turns to be in the top. The audience of 11 000 tonight at Sweden International Horse Show was on top, the atmosphere was amazing and they got to see fantastic riders and horses.

It was not until Stephanie’s employer and European gold medallist Peder Fredricson entered the arena with the amazing H&M All In that someone challenged her time. H&M All In doesn’t really like indoor jumping with big screens, but Peder rode like a champion and H&M All In is naturally fast over the fences.

– When I went in I knew ”Stephi” was in the lead, and I’m very happy with her performance and proud over our stable and team. Everything felt very good, H&M All In was focused on the course, says Peder Fredricson and continues:
– You could think that I’m not as happy over this victory compared to other big ones, but I know that every new day with horses is a challenge.

Stephanie Holmén was happy being in second place after her boss.
– First thing I said to Peder when he came out from the course was “now you snitched my first car right in front of me”, but if there is someone who it is okay to be beaten by it’s Peder, she says.
– He and H&M All In is the best team in the world, and I am glad that he won and that I could beat all the others. I knew he was going to be faster than me, and I knew H&M All In was going to be clear, she continues.

With this win Peder got a brand new Volkswagen car to take home and he also put himself in a confident lead for the Meeting prize, which is yet another Volkswagen car.

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