World premier!! World Cup Islandic Horses - Sweden International Horse Show

World premier!! World Cup Islandic Horses


Sweden International Horse Show takes the hold of the top icelandichorse riders of the world.

We are now making a big effort to promote the Icelandic horses with the premiere year of the world cup competition in tölt says Ulf Rosengren, the chairman of SIHS.

The total of 12 ekipages will be invited to the competition based on the results in T1 during the year. The highest ranked ekipages from this years national competitions as well as the Nordic Championships and the big indoor competition Elmia Icelandic Power will be invited to compete.

On Thursday there will be a preliminary round where the top eight riders will be proceeding to the final on Fridays afternoon show.

It is about time that the Icelandic horses get to enter the big arenas. It is something we have dreamed about and worked very hard to achieve. We want to show our fantastic iceandic horses in this great arena and raise the status of our competition to the same level as the other great competitions in SIHS says the competition leader and promoter Ylva Hagander in the press release.

One Swedish rider is already ready for the competition, Jamila Berg and the stallion Toppur frá Audsholtshjaleigu.

The effort to promote the Icelandic horse is also seen all around the arena and the fair with a great amount of extra Icelandic horses. For example the whole Friday in the fairgrounds paddock is signed with an Icelandic theme. Then there will be a great stallion show and of course you can visit the Icelandic horse associations monter to meet both members of the nation team as well as other top riders, stallion owners, enthusiasts and fair exhibitors as for an example and .

The Friday show will as usual be spectacular and thrilling with lots of power signed by the Icelandic horses.

2018 will be a starting point and it s a part of a long time effort to create one of the most important sport competitions for Icelandic horses Ylva continues.

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