Tickets are out! - Sweden International Horse Show

Tickets are out!


Only the very best riders and show artists will attend Sweden International Horse Show.

Tickets are now release  for the 10 different  sessions over four days in the Friends Arena 29 nov – 2 dec.

”If you really want the best seats in the house for this amazing weekend it’s time to grab them now” says Sports Director and top rider Malin Baryard Johnson.

The new programme for 2018 presents a variety of things for all the horse lovers.

”Stockholm has something unique”

It is an exclusive crowd of only the very best riders who will be competing over the four days in Stockholm. And everything takes place in front of a huge backdrop, the magnificent video wall of 750 sqm.

”Sweden International Horse Show has really established itself as a favorite show with among many international riders. I’m certain it will be tough competition and great sport this year too. Stockholm has something unique with the high sporting level and the special mix between sports and shows” says Sports Director Malin Baryard Johnsson.

Last year’s great success, the top ranked competition Saab Top 10 Dressage, continues. This year with almost twice as much prize money s last year. See the dressage in the mornings Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

”The jumping has also gained a little more space this year throughout the programme. Friday night has specifically got a bigger class, which feels very good” says Baryard Johnsson.

This year’s programme has also attracted some dogs. On Thursday and Sunday evenings, you can see Sweden’s agility elite show off in fast-paced competitions.

Strong women in this year’s shows

 This year’s two international show numbers presents strong women with lots of passion.

Alizée Froment- Mistral’s Last Dance

World artist Alizée Froment brings her new spellbound freedom show with top level dressage. It is also time to retire beloved super horse Mistral. Mistral makes the last appearance of his life in Stockholm. It was Alizée’s own dream to end the unique horse and her soulmate’s career in the Friends Arena and with the Swedish audience.

Alma Vaquera – Garrocha Pole Riding

The two cool teenage sisters Isaora and Jezabel Marques, only 15 and 18 years old, come with a show with garrocha pole riding presented in a new youthful way. In a traditional male world, the two young girls have created a beautiful show with lots of heart, courage and passion.

For those who speaks French you can see an interview with the sisters here:

New tickets on sale:

Fair Ticket

For the first time since moving to the Friends Arena, it is now opening up for a pure fair ticket for those who want to spend a day at the fair with all the different exhibitors.

Favorite package– Choose 3 optional favorite performances and get 15% off.

Now you can pick up completely free from the 10 different performances and still get a big deal. By choosing performances on different days, you also have more days to spend at the fair and at Stallbacken.